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Resolute Security (Pty) Ltd, with a staff complement in excess of 300 licensed & highly qualified security specialists in Western Australia, is fast becoming a leader in integrated security solutions.

Resolute specialises in security guarding services for the mining and resources sector in Western Australia.

Our security officers undergo extensive training, and are regulary breifed on emerging security risks. We also provide a Certificate 2 in Security Operations for individuals interested in becoming a security officer.

Resolute provides services for market sectors including: mining and resources, events and venues, retail and construction sites. Resolute remains the preferred security supplier and market leader. The Group aggressively develops, progresses and stays abreast of international trends and technological development. Resolute continuously focuses on remaining relentlessly customer centric while providing prolonged customer satisfaction by maintaining value-driven and positive minded employees.

Resolute Security Resolute Security is a premier firm offering comprehensive range of security systems, Perth for a range of client requirements, pertaining to mine security, event security, Static Guarding, Mobile Patrols, Crowd Control, Personal Screening, and Retail premise security with fully integrated and reliable device installation, coupled with specifically trained security officers. Contact Details:
Main address: 19/110 Inspiration Drive, 6065 Wangara WA, Australia,
Tel:0438 904 843, E-mail: info@resolutesecurity.com.au Website:
Last month when I arranged for a festival in my college, I was much concerned about the security concerns, as there were VIP dignitaries slated to be present for the event. One of my colleagues suggested me Resolute Security; and they did a pretty decent job, in fact far superior than what I expected. All mechanisms, from crowd control, to car parking management, gatehouse security was perfect, with an instant solution present for any medical or fire emergency. Thank you guys, for helping thoroughly in organizing the event in a perfect manner.
Date published: 06/40/2014
5 / 5 stars